CHCs Promoted by KVK/RARS under APART

District-wise Name and address of CHCs:

A total of nine CHCs operated till now in eight districts of APART districts of Assam. The details are:

Address:Meda, Chakchaka, Barpeta
Name of the FPC:Sorbhog Agriculture Production Organization,
Name of the contact person:Prabhat Das
Contact No:6003418742

Address:Sonai, Cachar
Name of the FPC:Adarsha AG Group, Saidpur-III,
Name of the contact person:Juma Begum Mazumder
Contact No:9365915072

Name of the FPC:Annadata Agriculture Sewa Group,
Name of the contact person:Hobibur Rahman
Contact No:9435246528

Address:Bilasipara, Dhubri
Name of the FPC:Luit CHC, Pachim Medhipara,
Name of the contact person:Sudhir Kumar roy
Contact No:7002586176

Name of the FPC:Ratnapeeth Farmer Producer Company
Name of the contact person:Dhajen Barman
Contact No:8638118818

Address:Khonamukh, Jorhat-785682
Name of the FPC:Rangdhali Krishak Gut, Charingiagaon,
Name of the contact person:Krishna Mahanta
Contact No:9706821896

Name of the FPC:Dangsiling Farmers Group, Bhetagaon,
Name of the contact person:Midulal Langthasa
Contact No: 9365645809

Address:Rajapathar, Bokolia
Name of the FPC:Chiro Xuej Krishok Goot,
Name of the contact person:Boloram Sarongsa
Contact No:9101533256

Address:Kaniha, Rangia
Name of the FPC:Uttaran Krishok Producer Co. Ltd,
Name of the contact person:Paresh Sarma
Contact No:985951925

Address:Hatigarh No-1, Gurufela, Kokrajhar
Name of the FPC:Milon Self Help group,
Name of the contact person:Dibakar Roy
Contact No:9678767850

Address:Pukhuriporia, Lakhimpur
Name of the FPC:Rupali SHG,
Name of the contact person:Chenimai Gogoi
Contact No:9954340092

Name of the FPC:Poohar Agro Producer Company Limited, Manaha,
Name of the contact person: Sosida Nanda Bordoloi
Contact No: 8638581907

Address:Bengenati, Barazbazar
Name of the FPC:Sankar Azan Agro Producer Company limited,
Name of the contact person:Anowar Hussain
Contact No:9401091212

Address:Holouguri, Dhing
Name of the FPC:Luitporia Agro Producer Company Ltd.
Name of the contact person:Majibur Rahman
Contact No:8638289578, 9957918525

Name of the FPC:Krishak Kalyan Co-operative Limited Society
Name of the contact person: Hitendra Kr. Deka
Contact No: 6000036144

Address:Dikhowmukh Vhoroluwagaon
Name of the FPC:Rupohi Dugdha Samabai Samittee Limited,
Name of the contact person:Jayanta Dutta
Contact No:7002881896

Name of the FPC:Shyamal Krishak Goot, Seunichuk,
Name of the contact person:Anjan Nath
Contact No:6001434194