Rice Doctor

Rice Doctor, Assam is a mobile app that has been developed by Assam Agricultural University (AAU) with technical support from International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)under the Assam Agribusiness & Rural Transformation Project (APART) project and is built on the Lucid/ Identic platform.

Rice Doctor, Assam is a diagnostic tool of insect-pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities and agronomy related problems pertinent to Assam along with their management methods. The app is designed to diagnose more than 60 rice based problems and provide management and recommendations. Additionally, the app supports a feature to click and or upload pictures of the rice crop and upload it on the server to receive optimal solutions from experts. The app has been developed in two languages (English and Assamese) for ease of use and for wider dissemination that can serve the dual purpose as a diagnostic tool and educational material to thousands of stakeholders, reducing the cost and improving the quality of rice crop.

Rice Doctor supports extension advisors, farmers, students and input dealers by providing:

  • Instant diagnosis of more than 60 rice based crop problems including insect pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities
  • Management and prevention options
  • Educational reference material on the more than 60 rice based crop problems
  • It aims to reduce the incidence of mismanagement of rice crop problems by reducing misdiagnosis of causes and lack of knowledge about the correct management options.

How does Rice Doctor Assam work?

Rice Doctor application allows users to identify and diagnose possible problems in their rice fields. The tool includes over 60insect-pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies and abiotic stress. The combination of text descriptions and images helps users in the process of diagnosing their problems.

If the user wants additional information about any rice problem or if the user is unable to answer the series of questions, then the user can contact expert person. To contact the expert person, click on SUBMIT REPORT for the next steps

How to access Rice Doctor Assam?

The app is available on the Google playstore for download and can be downloaded in/both English and Assamese.